Where to Start

Business Decisions You’ll Need to Make:

  1. Tablet PC with application cloudWhat is your business goal in creating an application?
  2. What’s the expected payback?
  3. What’s your budget?
  4. Who will create the application?
  5. Who will manage the project?
  6. Start with a small project? Or go big?
  7. Who will manage the code after it’s completed?
  8. If the code fails or has bugs after releasing it, what’s the impact on your members? On your business?

If you don’t have answers to these questions, take the time to develop them.

Read more about DIY in our post on Inconvenient Truths.

Finding Help

Need help deciding where to start with your app? Check out these two articles:

Still have questions? Try one or more of the following:

  • Contact a local developer
  • Search online for mobile developers
  • Ask your peers in your community for referrals
  • Contact CU*Answers