Meet the Team

About Developer’s Help Desk

Our Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) represents a new and exciting vision for how client software development projects are handled at CU*Answers.  It is uniquely targeted to facilitate the process by which clients design, build and manage custom projects in a new, innovative way.

Have an Itch? A Spark? An Idea?

Whether ordering an “off the shelf” project such as switching bill pay providers or going down a whole new road working with an outside vendor to build a customized solution, the Developer’s Help Desk is here to assist.

Getting Started with a Custom Programming Project?

Remember, at any point that you may need help, simply contact us…chat with us on our DHD and we will work closely with you.

Think It.

Ideas don't always come easily, but when you have a good one, it's exciting to tell others and work towards that goal.

Write It.

Explain the idea. Write it out so the users, stakeholders, and developers can understand.

Fund it.

Time, money, manpower, hardware. Unlock and free up the required resources.

Build it.

The right developer makes all the different. If it's not you, a partner that can manager the project and deliver the goods is priceless.

Launch it.

When and how will it deploy? What resources are needed to deploy it? Can you answer these questions or need a partner to answer them?

Support it.

Help and support your users. Maintain your project as technology, use and requirements change.