Build Something On My Own

Does your credit union have a builder’s soul for wishing to research, design and build a software solution? Since most credit unions do not employ a technical team of project designers and programmers for handling a more comprehensive DS (Design Studio) project type from beginning to end, this most commonly entails clients interested in utilizing a CU*Answers developed API for which they wish to perform various testing and deploy in tandem while working with a desired 3rd party vendor solution.

Assuming as API development strategy, a great first place to begin is the DHD API Center. From here, you will be able to perform considerable research regarding aspects pertaining to API development, documentation, pricing, support considerations much more.

Common Questions

What is your credit union looking to build – does it represent new functionality?

Is this an API strategy – how does it potentially impact CU*BASE and It’s Me 247?

Is your credit union looking to build a custom mobile app?

Have you ever wanted to create your own membership opening site or loan application?

Does your project use current CU*Answers API sets, or does this require a custom API for your project?

  1. Do you have a spec/mock-up for your project?
  2. Is your credit union working with a 3rd party developer?

Some key API development steps:

  • Access the DHD Site (API Center)
  • Order Applicable API Agreements
  • Select and Order Test Environment API Keys/ Sets
  • Schedule Applicable Test Windows
  • Select and Order Production API Keys (Sets)
  • Work with DHD for Launch Scheduling, Support Considerations