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The DHD provides an excellent strategy for helping clients design, build and manage custom development software projects in a new, innovative way.

Designed as a virtual retail storefront, the Developer’s Help Desk is here to help blend Client Project Management offerings, capabilities, and products as offered in the past, meshed with the company’s goals to present these services in the future via online retailing techniques, stores, and other effective shopping tactics.

In many ways, the Developer’s Help Desk is here to talk about what you want to build, not necessarily what CU*Answers has already built. This represents a new way of thinking and for many clients, this will offer a refreshing new way in which clients may partner with CU*Answers.

Developer’s Help Desk may assist with any project idea you may have. For example, maybe you want to integrate with a new 3rd party vendor for a specific product or toolset they offer that appeals to your CU. Or, perhaps you may have a desire to build your own solution outside of standard CU*Answers offerings and simply require various resources and expertise for helping bring your project idea to fruition…

Reach out to us, we want to hear about your ideas and vision!

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