Check Out the Developer’s Help Desk Video Series: What’s the Value to a Vendor?

The Developer’s Help Desk is pleased to debut a new series of videos where we answer common questions and discuss tips relating to the DHD platform.  In our second video, Scott Page and Brian Maurer explore the value the DHD can provide to a vendor or client, including the option for greater control over the development process and a faster time frame for the completion of a project.

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Developer’s Help Desk e-Alert: Check Out Our Recent Project Updates!

The Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) team is regularly incorporating new third party vendor integrations to CU*BASE.  To help keep our clients updated, we are delivering this e-alert to announce a recent vendor integration, which can be ordered through our online store.

  • Devenir  – Devenir is a national leader in powering investment solutions for healthcare accounts.  Devenir delivers investment solutions that power health care account offerings for a variety of industries, including credit unions and banks to deliver convenient, cost-effective HSA solutions that increase member value while giving account holders the power to save for future health care expenses.

CU*Answers has developed an Off Trial Balance solution with Devenir to receive a daily balance/status file.  Utilizing the AFT feature in CU*BASE, your members can ‘transfer’ funds from their HSA account to their Devenir investment account.  When funds are liquidated through Devenir, the money will be transferred back into the member’s HSA account.

With this information, your members will quickly associate these extended services as direct credit union services – not a separate vendor or broker with whom they would normally be required to connect with separately for an initial review of these accounts.

If you would like additional information, or have questions regarding this integration, please contact the DHD team by clicking here.