Special Project Request Form Best Practices

When creating a Special Project Request/Authorization Form here are some quick tips


  1. Provide as many details as possible
  2. Always include any required deadlines
  3. Be sure to keep project descriptions updated
  4. Attach relevant specs., e-mail strings
  5. Ask questions, no matter how basic!


Additional Details

Provide as many details as possible. Normally, when the Project Team initially reviews a project request, and or a programmer is assigned to a project, a key first item they will focus upon is the project description. If the description is too vague or inaccurate, it likely will lead to problems per assumptions the programmer may be making. It is very important to secure as many details about the project request that will provide the programmer a solid understanding of the project intent and goals. Remember, if you don’t understand the project request, a programmer likely won’t either… a terrific internal resource to utilize is our Spec. writing team ( Dawn M., Karen S.). They are happy to help anyone write a good project summary, or even help determine what questions to ask before getting started!

Always include any required deadlines. As part of the project request review/bid process, it is critical for folks to understand any required project deadlines, and as importantly, the reason for the deadline request/requirement. This information alone will often help determine a project’s feasibility for even being able to be considered or bid by CU*Answers. Remember, a programmer is often relying upon the accuracy of the details included within the project description, and may sometimes not even be aware of a critical deadline.

Be sure to keep project descriptions updated. Periodically, the details originally included in a project description may change prior to final client authorization. For example, a committed project completion date may have been revised as part of a bid review process. Please re-verify that as important project details, deadlines, etc. become known, that you work with Kim/ Danielle for getting your project description updated accordingly.

Attach relevant e-mail strings. Often, by simply being able to review an email string, the programmer is able to gain additional perspective/insight to the project request. For questions, or an assist in getting attached, simply contact the DHD.

Ask questions, no matter how basic! When completing a special project request form, get in the habit of asking questions to learn all you can regarding their project request. Remember, if you have a question (no matter how simple it may seem), the Project Team/programmer will often have the same question while reviewing the project description.