CU*Answers DHD offers Design Studio video guide

CU*Answers announced its Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) has recently added its newest video guide to the DHD website for building custom software with CU*Answers.

Scott Page, business manager for the Developer’s Help Desk, said the DHD offers a creative new way for clients to design, build and manage custom development software solutions with CU*Answers. An important tool for helping introduce clients to the DHD initiative is a video series helping describe many of the unique services, techniques and strategies rolling out in 2018.

The newest video is targeted to clients looking to partner with the DHD for helping build a Design Studio project and provides a step-by-step guide to assist clients prior to proceeding. The video will help guide a client through the entire process – from conceiving and submitting an initial project idea, to developing a written specification regarding their project, submitting the proper project request/ authorization forms, and getting started.

From there, the video describes DHD processes upon a project request form being received, developing and returning a research and design bid, various timing and cost considerations and much more.

“One of the best features for clients working with the DHD throughout the process is that the client is in complete control of the initial project parameters and is able to partner with CU*Answers only for the level of services they may desire for completing their Design Studio project,” said Page. Any credit union wishing to learn more about the DHD or to review the DHD video library should visit the DHD at their website.