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The Developer’s Help Desk blends CU*Answers project management offerings, capabilities, and products as offered in the past with the company’s goals to present these services in the future via online retailing styles, stores, and effective tactics.

The DHD is designed to create an online retailing tool that becomes the center of Client Project Management whether just ordering a canned project such as converting from one EFT switch to another, or ordering and initiating new custom solutions or integrations, or even purchasing professional services or tools to build their own solutions outside of CU*Answers offerings.

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Idea Forms

A credit union can review or start the process of requesting a “Change to CU*BASE” in the following ways:

Review ongoing CU*BASE project development
CU*Answers has a variety of resources online to help keep track of project development. Using the CU*Answers website, visit the Kitchen for big projects on the horizon, the Release Planning page for information on upcoming releases and enhancements included, and Owner's View to check the status of projects already in our development pipeline.
Tell us about your idea
Idea Forms give us a way to know what staff at our credit unions would improve about our software, from the line workers to back office people. CU*Answers will review your idea and start a dialogue to discuss the merits of your idea further, and make a determination on whether or not to work towards developing the idea. Please remember, if your idea is really a fix to existing CU*BASE functionality, please submit an Answerbook item, where our Client Services and Education team will develop a separate project sheet.

When an idea form is submitted, CU*Answers will do the following:

  1. Our design team will review your submitted Idea Form, and consult with topic experts.
  2. You will receive a reply back re: your Idea Form in about 6-8 weeks.
  3. We will often begin a dialogue with you to further discuss the feasibility and techniques of your Idea.