Have Someone Look Into Something for Me

Do you have an idea or vision for developing something, and just not sure how or where it potentially fits in the overall scheme of things?

Do you need a bit of assistance for talking through your idea to help determine a next best step?

Maybe you already have a solid business idea, but need someone to research your technical project requirements?

Don’t be concerned, because we can help… first, it is important to understand the custom development process, no matter its complexity, should be a collaborative process for helping review project specifications and expectations. In most cases, there is considerable value to receiving different perspectives on various items throughout the research/ design and development life-cycle. For example, as based upon a constantly changing business/ membership landscape, things that seem important one day may not be as important in the future. Sometimes, experts working on technical development may not fully understand the impact for how a custom project may be intended to be used by the end users. By regularly collaborating, and gaining outside opinions or perspectives may help identify potential issues and assist with the overall development process.

Please remember if your idea is a fix to a CU*BASE issue, please submit an Answerbook item, where our Client Services & Education team will develop a project sheet.