CU*Answers releases DHD 1st quarter project activity

CU*Answers announced its Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) volumes are expanding as the number of custom projects being completed and project requests submitted continues to grow.

During its first fiscal quarter of 2021, 64 custom projects were fully completed, which included nearly 3,900 programming hours. Additionally, 112 custom project requests were submitted, which resulted in 96 custom bids being provided to 66 clients utilizing its CU*BASE processing system. The project requests volume represented an increase of 23% from the previous period.

Scott Page, DHD business manager, said the DHD is inherently designed to provide a DIY opportunity for how clients coordinate software development projects with CU*Answers. Clients are encouraged to facilitate the process to design, build, and manage custom projects, and only contract with CU*Answers for professional project related services as desired.

To learn more about the Developer’s Help Desk, visit them at their website.