Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) at Leadership event

CU*Answers announced that its new Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) business initiative was prominently featured at its Leadership Conference, recently held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Scott Page, Business Development Manager said: “For many folks, this represented their first exposure to learning about our Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) initiative. We had multiple clients (and vendors!) approach us to review our newest collateral, including our very first API Design catalog. Several were interested in discussing upcoming project initiatives they are already considering, and ways in which partnering with the DHD may assist and help expedite their development criteria. We are very excited at the positive level of interaction we have already received.”

During the conference, CU*Answers described how its DHD initiative is uniquely targeted to clients with a builder’s (or DIY) soul, that want to design and build something for themselves.