CU*Answers provides 1st quarter project volumes for Developer’s Help Desk

CU*Answers announced that custom requests being submitted and projects being completed by its Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) continue to grow. During the first fiscal quarter of 2020, 88 custom projects were fully completed, which represented nearly 4,300 programming hours. 160 custom project requests were submitted, which represented an increase of 9% from the previous quarter. These custom requests were submitted by 88 different CU*BASE processing clients.

Scott Page, DHD business manager, said the DHD is all about providing a unique opportunity for clients and vendors to consider when exploring a new custom software opportunity. A big part of this initiative is to encourage clients to be the project designer, and contract with CU*Answers professional services for only those services needed as per the total project scope.

To learn more about the Developer’s Help Desk, visit them at their website.

Developer’s Help Desk e-Alert: Check Out Our Latest Projects!

The Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) team is regularly incorporating new third party vendor integrations to CU*BASE.  To help keep our clients updated, we are delivering this e-alert to announce two new vendor integrations that have recently been completed, and may be ordered through our online store.

  • Velocity (ILS) – Velocity ILS (Intelligent Limit System) is an overdraft management and reporting system for managing overdraft services as a line of business, while also meeting regulatory/compliance expectations.  CU*Answers has developed a daily file exchange process for various member account/overdraft information.
  • Marquis – Marquis provides marketing and compliance software as well as expertise for clients to assemble, analyze and act on their data – including a better understanding of member relationships and potential opportunities.  CU*Answers has developed a daily file extract to be delivered to Marquis.

If you would like additional information, or have questions regarding these integrations, please contact the DHD team by clicking here.