CU*Answers DHD project requests growing

CU*Answers announced that the volume of Design Studio (custom software) projects submitted through its Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) is steadily increasing.

During the most recent 12-month period, 224 Design Studio projects were fully completed, which represented over 7,600 programming hours. The volume of Design Studio project requests received also increased by over 20% compared with the previous 12-month period.

Scott Page, Developer’s Help Desk business manager, said: “It’s exciting to see the level of growth of Design Studio project requests being received, developed and moved into production. The DHD business model is designed to provide clients a unique partnership opportunity to design, build and manage custom software solutions on their terms.”

To learn more about the Developer’s Help Desk, visit them at their website.

DHD Online Store continues to expand

CU*Answers announced that its Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) online store continues to expand and is seeing steady growth in client orders received. The DHD store now features over 175 products and services, and is located within the CU*Answers Online Store. A new section featuring recently completed DHD project development successes has been added for clients to quickly scan for potential tools peers have successfully implemented at their credit unions.

Scott Page, business development manager, said: “The online store continues to evolve, and provides a unique opportunity for better serving our clients. It offers an online retail shopping experience for ordering a variety of off-the shelf tools CU*Answers has previously developed or getting started with a Design Studio (custom) project request. By grouping these project types into various categories, we can offer an even simpler, more streamlined approach for clients to be able to quickly review and determine a potential solution. For many clients, the online store has become a first research point for helping determine a possible business strategy.”