CU*Answers rings in the New Year with DHD

CU*Answers is offering its clients a new solution this year: the Developer’s Help Desk (DHD). This initiative comes in response to clients’ do-it-yourself mentality. Many CU*Answers clients have expressed a wish to play a bigger role in the development of new tools within CU*BASE®, the data processor’s core-processing software. DHD allows clients to do just that by giving them the opportunity to work directly with CU*Answers software developers to build custom software solutions.

“DHD is a great resource that allows credit unions to work on projects that meet their specific needs and that helps them better serve their ever-evolving membership,” said DHD Account Executive Kristian Daniel. By helping clients own the software solutions in which they invest, DHD is just another way that CU*Answers shows its commitment to the cooperative principles on which the CUSO was founded. “Whether it’s working with a new vendor or a process improvement, DHD is here to help clients reach their fullest potential,” Daniel added.

CU*Answers works with Messick, Lauer & Smith P.C. to develop CUSO formation guide

Cooperative CUSO CU*Answers has worked closely with Messick, Lauer & Smith P.C. to develop a new CUSO formation guide aimed at promoting the value of CUSOs and to help those interested in starting their own.

Scott Page, Developer’s Help Desk business manager for CU*Answers said: “CUSOs help credit unions solve problems and often enable credit unions to act bigger than they are. Collaboration aggregates the resources of credit unions to enable each participating credit union to provide more member services more efficiently and effectively. For example, if a credit union has a highly performing lending program and shares the services with other credit unions through a CUSO, the original credit union can spread its fixed costs over a greater number of loans. The credit unions receiving the service have an effective lending platform for a cost they could not otherwise have afforded.”

The guide includes valuable information for anyone considering forming a CUSO, including an overview of legal rules and regulations, organizational and operating considerations, essential CUSO formation documents needed, and more. The document is being offered to all interested parties for free, and an electronic copy can be ordered from the CU*Answers online store.