CU*Answers adds three new 3rd party integrations

CU*Answers recently announced that its Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) has completed 88 custom projects during its first fiscal quarter, including 3 new third-party vendor integrations. These vendor integrations included:

  • Sageworks (Abrigo) – CU*Answers has developed a daily data file extract to be delivered, which may include loan, collections and deposit data.
  • Suntell – CU*Answers has developed a daily data file extract to be delivered.
  • American National Insurance (ANICO) – CU*Answers has developed a daily data file extract to be delivered.

Scott Page, DHD business manager, said the DHD team is regularly adding new third-party vendor integrations to its online store of software products and services from which clients may easily place orders. The DHD is designed to provide a unique opportunity for clients and vendors to consider when exploring a new custom software opportunity, and vendor integrations are a direct result of client requests. To learn more about the Developer’s Help Desk, visit them at their website.

Developer’s Help Desk e-Alert: Check Out Our Latest Project!

The Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) team is regularly incorporating new third party vendor integrations to CU*BASE.  To help keep our clients updated, we are delivering this e-alert to announce the latest vendor integration, which can now be ordered through our online store.

  • Van Wagenen Financial Services – Van Wagenen Financial Services offers CPI as well as a variety of insurance products and services to clients.  CU*Answers has developed a file extract process for uploading various CU*A loan data.

If you would like additional information, or have questions regarding this integration, please contact the DHD team by clicking here.

CU*Answers DHD offers custom project planning video

CU*Answers announced its Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) has recently added its newest video to the DHD website for building custom software with CU*Answers.

Scott Page, business manager for the Developer’s Help Desk, said the DHD offers a creative new way for clients to design, build and manage custom development software solutions with CU*Answers. An important tool for helping introduce clients to the DHD initiative is a video series helping describe many of the unique services, techniques and considerations when considering a project initiative.

Page said this newest video is targeted to clients considering a custom project initiative, and various issues the DHD team has seen as clients initiate a custom process. This video focuses on three primary considerations:

  1. Clients engaging the DHD too late during their decision process
    1. Signing with a 3rd party prior to discussing with CU*Answers
    2. Unrealistic expectations as to what a 3rd party integration process may entail
    3. Will it still meet your intended goals?
  2. Understanding what member data is being requested by your 3rd party
    1. Don’t assume the vendor is requesting only the data you believe is necessary… you may be very surprised!
    2. Performing 3rd party due diligence, a critical component
    3. Having a vendor exit strategy in case things don’t work out
  3. Project cost and timing considerations
    1. Designing and building a custom project – what does it really mean?
    2. Pricing considerations, development layers, project roll-out timing