Expedite Custom Project Requests & Considerations

Developing software is often a tricky business and requires a lot of daily coordination. CU*Answers is required to balance dozens of projects being developed simultaneously, in a variety of development phases. In essence, there are many moving parts and departments engaged throughout any project development process. CU*Answers must also ensure having sufficient resource available to address any spur of moment issues which could occur, such as an issue having an effect on data integrity or a direct impact on members. As described in detail within our SDLC processes, these types of projects will immediately be expedited and addressed accordingly. Finally, CU*Answers will carefully weigh any effect a project being escalated may have upon the potential timing of another project already in the project queue. So, the consideration for potentially expediting a project request is predicated upon multiple factors, and requires some careful consideration.
Periodically, a client will express a desire for fast tracking a project through the project development life cycle. As mentioned, there are often multiple factors which must be considered prior to CU*Answers replying back. Several of these may include:
  • Does the project type require it being linked to a future CU*BASE Release date?
  • Is the project dependent upon 3rd party vendor(s) for successful completion?
  • What is the scope of the project specs. The overall complexity of a project can be an important factor per timing consideration.
  • How does the request match up to CU*Answers existing project calendar/ schedule… is it even feasible?
  • What will be the project investment (bid) required for offering an expedite option…
The CU*Answers process normally utilized for handling a project expedite request:
  1. Client to provide either e-mail or written correspondence as per their expedite request, including a desired date for project implementation.
  2. CU*Answers will:
    • Review the project request, analyze the scope of work required and feasibility to successfully complete the project by the requested date.
    • Carefully weigh 3rd party vendor involvement, to what degree, and how that potentially impacts the expedite request.
    • Review our internal project calendar to determine what other considerations may or may not impact the request date (e.g. must be coordinated w/ a CU*BASE Release, any impact to other projects already in queue, resource requirements, etc.)
    • If it seems feasible for either meeting or providing an alternative project date, develop a Project Expedite Quote (bid) to present to the client. This bid represents the additional investment required for CU*Answers to move a project to an expedited status.
      • Expedite Fee (subject to change) - typically a 50% fee surcharge as per the original project bid, with a minimum fee of $1000.
    • Gain necessary internal CU*Answers leadership approval (as required) for potentially expediting the project request.
    • Once a final determination is made – reply back to the client via e-mail or written correspondence with an answer and expedite project investment bid.
      • Upon receiving a formalized client request to potentially expedite a project, CU*Answers goal is to provide a response back within 5-10 business days. This timing is subject to all relevant information being available, including 3rd party vendor requirements, etc.
To summarize, it must be understood that any or a combination of these considerations listed may potentially impact a project request being expedited. However, CU*Answer will do its very best to carefully review all expedite requests, and reply back as quickly as possible. Please contact the Developer's Help Desk for any additional questions you may have.