DHD custom projects volume growing

CU*Answers announced its Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) initiative is steadily growing as the volume of Design Studio (custom software) project requests being submitted continues to rise. During the fourth fiscal quarter of 2018, 53 Design Studio projects were fully completed, which represented over 1,100 programming hours. CU*Answers also said that for its recently completed 2018 fiscal year, it had completed 205 Design Studio projects representing over 6,500 programming hours. The volume of Design Studio project requests received increased by over 40% from the previous year.

Scott Page, business manager for the Developer’s Help Desk, said the DHD is designed to provide a new and exciting vision for how client software development projects are handled by CU*Answers. It’s uniquely targeted to facilitate clients who wish to design, build, and manage custom projects in a new, innovative way. For example, he described how clients are empowered to be the project architect, and CU*Answers professional services may be contracted only as desired in the overall project scope.

To learn more about the Developer’s Help Desk, visit them at their website.