Developer’s Help Desk: Owner’s Voice and Owner’s View

CU*Answers is, at its core, a cooperative organization.  We are constantly communicating what it means to be a transparent CUSO.  As a cooperative, CU*Answers needs your input to move in the right direction.  The collective input from our owners allows CU*Answers to shape our future together!

Owner’s Voice

Discussion and voting within Owner’s Voice allows every owner to contribute to the process of guiding the priorities for the products and services offered at CU*Answers and our partners.  Learn more about whey we’re doing this, how to participate and much more about collaboration at CU*Answers – click here to visit Owner’s Voice!

Owner’s View

Owner’s View allows you to monitor the investments of your CUSO.  Search and filter your credit union’s projects, track them from start to finish, or leave notes and reminders on where a project currently stands for yourself and fellow credit union employees.  Click here to visit Owner’s View and learn more!