CU*Answers DHD Initiative Taking Shape

CU*Answers announced that its new Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) business initiative is moving quickly ahead with its new online retail presence in full development and the CUSO’s first API catalog ready to be distributed by the June Leadership Conference.

For nearly 50 years, CU*Answers has provided a collaborative, do-it-together model for credit unions to collectively partner to design and build new software solutions. CU*Answers said its DHD approach is very different. It becomes the center of client project management, and is uniquely targeted to clients with a builder’s soul (or DIY approach) that want to design and build something for themselves.

Scott Page, business development manager said: “Under DHD, the client is the boss, totally empowered to tell us what they envision and want. The benefit is this provides clients a new way to develop custom software, in which they tell us what they need and we act as a general contractor for their project, helping determine the amount of resources they’ll need from CU*Answers to complete it. The cooperative development model is still the lifeblood of our organization, where software development takes the entire cooperative’s needs into consideration, but through DHD, we can also be here to help a credit union create their individual vision. For many clients, this will offer a refreshing new way for partnering with CU*Answers.”

The DHD team has laid out several aggressive goals to accomplish in 2017, including adding consulting and development staff, and officially launching the DHD Virtual Online Store, where clients will find a convenient location to begin designing their custom solutions.