Is This a Project for Developer’s Help Desk?

CU*Answers empowers credit unions to strengthen the credit union movement by working together to enhance the tools we all utilize every day.  Enhancements to CU*BASE normally fall under two primary criteria: improvements to existing functionality and custom development projects.  Have you ever wondered what the differences are?

Our credit unions have amazing ideas on how to enhance the tools credit unions staff members like yourselves use every day!  Making such a change could affect everyone in the CU*Answers family – some changes save you time, others drive your business.  The CU*Answers Idea Form process is a means that allows you to make a case for what you need.  The Idea Form process is like a suggestion box: it’s a method to ask for an enhancement, a new feature, maybe a new report.  Find out more about the Idea Forms Here.

Sometimes an enhancement to an existing feature is not what you need to meet the operational needs of your credit unions or your members’ expectations.  In this case, you need a strategy for developing custom software with CU*Answers.  This is where the Developer’s Help Desk  (DHD) comes in.  DHD is uniquely positioned to help you envision your case, develop a strategy and help bring your plan to life.  DHD Consultants stand at the ready to assist credit union executives and managers of all experience levels in navigating  the 6 major development phases of custom projects: Think it, Write it, Fund it, Build it, Launch it, Support it.  DHD makes getting started with a custom programming project easy!

DHD features many off the shelf products ready to deploy or activate for your credit union.  These products typically represent a newer project that has been completed for a peer; these types of solutions are easily modified for other CU*BASE clients to benefit, and in most cases, are offered at a lower price point.  Check out the DHD online store to see what others have been up to!