What is a Project Specification? Why Do I Need One? How Do I Write One?

If you have a project vision and are ready to take a next potential step, you’ll want to outline and write a project specification to articulate the desired scope of your project, as well as objectives and goals.  The Developer’s Help Desk can help your write and project specification to secure a project bid.

We encourage you to develop and submit as many details regarding your desired custom project as possible.  The more information you can provide about the specifics of your project, the smoother the process of writing a specification will be.  To begin the process, visit the online store.

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After receiving your request, a DHD team member will contact you to review your project initiatives and discuss your idea.  We will detail our processes for helping to make your software vision a reality and will answer any additional questions you might have.  For additional details or to gain a better understanding of the key components to writing a specification, please refer to our Tips for Writing Specs document.