Developer’s Help Desk: I Want to Talk to Someone About My Idea, What Do I Need to Prepare?

Have a great idea but unsure how you should engage with CU*Answers to determine what project expertise may be available to you?  Not a problem – that’s exactly what the Developer’s Help Desk team is here for!  The DHD team can assist you with rounding out your project vision, designing techniques and managing your project as based on your terms.

Simply reach out to the Developer’s Help Desk and provide us with some overview details of what you’d like to achieve with your project.  Maybe you want to integrate a new third party vendor for a specific product or toolset that appeals to your credit union?  Or perhaps you’re looking to build your own solution outside of CU*Answers’ standard offerings and require resources and expertise to bring your idea to fruition?  Whatever your project goals are, the DHD team will review your initial thoughts and help determine a strategy for getting started!

Visit the store today to submit your idea and start a conversation with the Developer’s Help Desk team!

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