CU*Answers develops new 3rd party vendor integrations

CU*Answers recently announced that its Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) had completed 174 custom projects during its third fiscal quarter of 2021. As usual, these included many 3rd party vendor integrations. Two of these vendor integrations included:

  • REPAY – an innovative, full-service payment technology and processing provider for credit unions. REPAY’s payment technology helps credit unions increase member satisfaction and enhance their experience by offering a variety of secure payment services, including making their loan payments from any outside FI utilizing any credit/ debit card. CU*Answers has developed a daily file upload process to REPAY, including various member loan information to facilitate CU*BASE clients being able to offer this solution. All payments are then received back via a file transmission as early as the next business day and post directly to the individual loan account, eliminating the need for a separate manual post process.
  • Devenir – a national leader for delivering investment solutions that power healthcare account offerings for a variety of industries, including credit unions and banks to deliver convenient, cost-effective HSA solutions. CU*Answers has developed an OTB solution with Devenir to receive a daily balance/ status file. Then, by utilizing the AFT feature in CU*BASE, members can “transfer” funds from their HSA account to their Devenir investment account. As funds are liquidated through Devenir, the money will be transferred back into the member’s HSA account.

Scott Page, DHD Business Manager, said the DHD team is constantly adding new third-party vendor integrations to its CU*BASE services suite. Clients may place orders for these integrations via the DHD Online Store, which features 300+ software products and services. The DHD is designed to provide a unique opportunity to clients and vendors when considering a new custom software strategy.

To learn more about the Developer’s Help Desk, visit them at their website.