DHD Boot Camp

Boot Camps 2019: Developer's Help Desk

Year 2 – The Developer’s Help Desk Boot Camp is a hands-on Do It Yourself experience. Unique when compared to other executive boot camps, the DHD boot camp represents a new style of collaboration between developers at credit unions and developers at our CUSO. It’s validating how solution designers and architects from credit unions can take advantage of the expertise of the designers, developers, testers, and documenters at the CUSO to produce a finished product. It’s about proving out the point of the DHD online store – can credit unions use DHD resources to help them build something new?

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View slides from the 2018 Leadership Conference Showing Changes Planned for 2019 Boot Camps

What is the DHD Project Boot Camp?

To apply for this boot camp you must have a project in mind, you must be able to explain your idea, what components your team will work on and what components CU*Answers’ teams will work on.

Do it Yourself!Examples of project types that might work with the boot camp format:

  • Integrating with our APIs to create new features for your websites or existing mobile apps.
  • Developing an SSO integration with a third party to eliminate multiple member authentications.
  • Setting up integrations with 3rd party vendors, perhaps a new LOS solution.
  • Other DIY projects such as data warehouse connectivity.

Be Prepared with a Budget

You must have a budget at your credit union to complete this project. This budget should include a financial investment, but it will also include a personnel investment and depending on your project may include other tangible hardware.

Who Should Apply?

You are the general contractor. You will be coordinating the project from start to finish. CU*Answers will work with you to arrange the appropriate resources to help complete your project.

“It is easy to dream up a solution to a problem. The challenge is translating that idea into reality. In working with CU*Answers on our custom project idea in the 2018 DHD Boot Camp, DOLFCU was able to do just that. I couldn’t be happier with the process and results.”

~Travis Lane, DOLFCU

Planning for Your Success

Your project should include a plan that addresses the following phases of development. It is your responsibility as the general contractor to have a development plan and timeline to make sure your project progresses appropriately (but realize the DHD team is here to help build out your plan).

  1. Idea
  2. Specification
  3. Develop and Code
  4. Quality Check
  5. Documentation
  6. Release (including technical implementation as well as rollout marketing)

What about Classroom Sessions?

The DHD boot camp offers in-office session depending on the needs and requirements of your project plan. CU*Answers will offer to pay for overnight lodging and food for up to three members of your staff to travel to Grand Rapids for 2-3 days and meet face to face with design and development teams. Travel costs are at your expense. These sessions will be scheduled with each general contractor depending on your project’s timelines and needs.

Be a Pioneer!

As the general contractor you will schedule regular meetings and milestones to ensure your project’s timeline and success. Keep in mind that while the end goal is to complete your project, the boot camp is about more than just the finish line. In fact, some projects might simply be too in depth for a single boot camp year to complete. The exercise is more about how the work happens in this new kind of collaborative DIY environment. Be a pioneer and help us figure it out.

Why attend an Executive Study Boot Camp?

Builders Soul

2018 DHD Boot Camp Project


  • Add member eligibility verification into MOP workflow
  • Upload documents for proof of eligibility

Watch for this product coming to the CU*Answers Store!

Boot Camp Particulars

While there are no scheduled classes, you may find visits to CU*Answers to work directly with your team will be beneficial. These visits will be coordinated after your project has begun.

Application Process

The following is our anticipated schedule, subject to change.

Application period opens October, 2018 and closes promptly at 9:00 AM ET on Monday, December 17, 2018. A select CU*Answers committee will review all applications and choose up to 6 projects for this Boot Camp. Students will be notified by the end December.