What about Idea Forms?

How do Idea Forms fit into the Design Studio process.

Is your idea something that could benefit everyone? Sometimes that is what Idea Forms are for.

Submitting an idea form should not just be a whim you had while on the drive to work this morning. Making a change could affect everyone in the CU*Answers family. Some changes save you time, others drive your business. Make your case for why you need what you need.

Remember the Idea Form is just that – communication of an idea. Like a suggestion box. It’s a method to ask for an enhancement or a new feature; maybe a new report.

What if you discover an issue that needs to be fixed? In that case, you want us to do more than consider an idea; you want the problem fixed. If you have an actual issue with how the software is working, report it to a CSR so a project sheet can be submitted if needed.

Fill out an Idea Form

To submit an Idea Form, log in to CU*BASE GOLD as usual. Click the “Network Links” button network links in the bottom-left corner of any screen or menu. Click on “Submit an Idea” then just follow the instructions. It’s easy!

But what if my Idea Form is denied?

Idea forms may be turned down for a variety of reasons, including

  • limits on our existing project schedule
  • it not on our radar to for completion in  the near future
  • there are existing workaround techniques that other peers are utilizing
  • a required cuasterisk.com resource, the time budget needed or cost required to develop are not available
  • idea is limited in scope or may not have value to other CU*BASE client

If a client believes and feels strongly enough about their idea, we absolutely encourage you to resubmit your idea accordingly.  Make a stronger case.  Maybe we misunderstood the result.   No only means no today. The project landscape can change 3-6 months down road per changing cuasterisk.com project priorities, schedules and CU*BASE release considerations.

After all that, if your idea form was still denied and after the idea form discussion you continue to believe your credit union needs it or you can’t live without it.  That is what DHD Design Studio is for.

Learn more about the DHD Design Studio Process.