Online Banking APIs: Index

Authentication APIs

Authentication is a requirement to get into the system and use the “Authenticated” APIs. Authentication APIs are APIs that you call in order to Authenticate a member into the CU*Answers Online Banking System. As part of Authentication, you will receive a Session and User Token that you will need to access all future Authenticated API calls. Some of these APIs are Non-Authenticated, some are Authenticated. Check the specific APIs below to see more detail on them.

Make sure to read through each one and get a feel for how these work. You can also check out the Start Developing section in order to get an idea of how Authentication works

Security Questions APIs

The Security Questions API provides the security questions a member has assigned to their account, along with a data list of all possible security questions we have available for the member to select from.

Credit Union APIs

The Credit Union API group will give you various information about the Credit Union, such as contact information and the products and services that they provide.

Accounts APIs

Transaction details for the particular sub-account for the account the member is signed in with. This data is limited to only be pulled at a maximum of 50 transactions at a time. It will tell you how many total transactions there are for this sub-account, along with your ability to request specific pages

Account Summary

Account Detail

Transaction History

Member APIs

The Member API group will provide you with various information about the Member, such as contact information, login history, and more.

Transfer APIs

The Transfer API group will provide you with methods on transferring money between member accounts.