Developer’s Help Desk Reflections: Q4 Newsletter

As we wrap up 2019, Developer’s Help Desk would like to introduce two key leaders per our custom development processes.  Read the Developer’s Help Desk Q4 Newsletter to hear more on the following topics:

  • Lorie Morse, AVP of Integrated Technologies, discusses the steps involved in receiving custom requests and how these are presented to the DHD Project Team, including the bid process and final approval.
  • Kim Claflin, Manager of Custom Services Development, explains her duties in gathering requirements from credit unions and vendors to determine the scope of a project, as well as communicating project statuses and overseeing data.

During the fourth fiscal quarter of 2019, the DHD team received 147 custom project requests and completed 94 custom projects, which represented 3,075 programming hours.  These statistics and more can be viewed within the Q4 Newsletter!