DHD offers new Design Studio project video

The CU*Answers Developer’s Help Desk (DHD) announced a new video as part of its on-going POV series designed to provide timely information, tips and techniques for how clients may best utilize the DHD team for custom software development.

CU*Answers said that its DHD Design Studio projects represent a true custom project strategy in which CU*BASE® clients are encouraged to formulate and design custom project ideas, but may wish to contract for various CU*Answers technical services for helping build-out their desired project vision.

Scott Page, DHD Business Manager said: “This expanding series of web videos is intended to provide simple, quick hitting tools for clients to instantly focus on key topics of interest. For instance, this first video highlights how simple the process is for clients to initially contact, collaborate and submit a custom project idea. In 2018, we will add many more of these video snippets, featuring a library of topics from which to choose.”

The DHD is organized and is targeted to facilitate the processes by which clients order, design, build and manage custom projects in a new, innovative way. Popular projects already being submitted by clients include 3rd party vendor integrations, custom fee development, SSO projects (eliminating multiple verification) and external data warehouse file exchanges. For more information, visit the DHD at their website.